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Objective Presentation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Objective Presentation - Essay Example These actions are usually guided by a job description to make them efficient and effective. However, the job description reflects on the organizational structure to assist the staff know the job titles, supervisor and subordinate, specific tasks required, department or units, and among others. In addition, staff members are usually under the control of people of higher ranks known as managers. These managers use an organizational structure to assist them determine which human, technical, and financial resources are available, which resources are lacking, and how resources should be allocated to attain organizational objectives and goals. There are three organizational structures and include Hierarchical, matrix and network structure. However, the optimal structure is a matrix or team structure. This is because it encourages interaction and participation among staff members, hence enhancing interpersonal relations. In addition, it also encourages managers to be more of group leaders and facilitators hence increasing accountability among staff members in an organization. When comparing the matrix structure with the rest, it always emerges the best. Managers in a Hierarchical structure always act as the final decision-makers, but those in matrix structure, focus on the accomplishment of shared objects of the team. In addition, staff members involved in a network structure, usually have a lot of differences in their affiliation and may fail to come up with a common goal. In matrix structure, staff members coordinate with one another and with their facilitator whose primary responsibility is to set objectives and evaluate

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Heart failure Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Heart failure - Essay Example In order to attain this end, the following objectives will be examined: â€Å"Heart failure (HF) is common and is associated with a high morbidity and mortality. Forty per cent of patients with symptomatic left ventricular systolic dysfunction (LVSD) die within a year of diagnosis and 10% per annum thereafter, giving a five-year mortality rate of up to 70%.† (Patel, et al., 2008, p. 35). Heart failure is therefore a major cause of death in nations like Britain. And this is often diagnosed through the identification of symptoms like left ventricular systolic dysfunction. This provides the identification of the main issues and the main signs that a patient might have a heart disease and heart complication. However, this is very chronic and fatal because many of the people diagnosed of this sickness will die within a year. Precisely, two out of five will die within a year and each year, one out of ten will die after the first year of diagnosis. This shows that heart failure (HF) is a major problem and a major issue within a given society. Heart failure is an issue that affects 0.4% to 2% of the population in Europe and half of this suffer from left ventricular systolic dysfunction (Patel, et al., 2008). This is representative of 2% of national health expenditure due to its danger and high risk (Patel, et al., 2008). Generally, early diagnosis for heart failure is poor because most patients get to know about their condition after they have suffered an attack (Mehta, et al., 2008). Clinical studies show that chronic heart failure patients die abruptly without any diagnosis because when they get their attacks, they do not survive it (Mehta, et al., 2008). However, the population of persons with mild heart failures who die during attacks is somewhat lower than those with chronic instances of the case and issue. Studies show that older patients form the large percentage of

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Writing a Satiric Piece Essay Example for Free

Writing a Satiric Piece Essay Step 1: Identify the Topic With your group, choose a topic that is relevant, current, and debatable. Remember that the flaws and foibles of all aspects of society—from government to celebrity to religion, from teenagers to presidents to soccer moms—are grist for the satirist’s mill. Once you have all agreed on a topic about which you all want to write, have it approved by your teacher. For Example:Students being late to class (tardiness) Step 2: Choose an Appropriate Structure, Type of Satire, and Audience for your Piece Review the various samples of satire we read in class over the last week, and determine which one would be the most appropriate (in terms of its structure and techniques) for your group to use as a model for your satirical piece. After choosing the piece that your group will use as a â€Å"satirical model,† make a list of the conventions you need to use in your satire. Decide whether your piece will be more Horatian or Juvenalian. Finally, identify your audience. To whom will you address your satire and why? What tone will be most appropriate for this audience and for your purpose? For Example:The satirical piece â€Å"Gambling in Schools† is the most appropriate model for a satirical piece over tardiness, because it uses wit irony, sarcasm, and hyperbole to make its point. We plan to use all of these techniques in our Horatian satirical piece. The most appropriate audience for our satire over tardiness is the student body; many students feel that the tardiness problem is exaggerated in our school and will find the exaggerated claims we will make and our sarcastic tone amusing. Look more:  what is a process essay Step 3: State the problem in Hyperbolic Terms Make the problem sound much worse than it actually is to dramatize the need for a solution. For Example:â€Å"The staggering lack of students at the beginning of class  leaves teachers paralyzed.† This diction, specifically words the â€Å"paralyzed† and â€Å"staggering,† overstates the severity of the problem and helps develop the satirical tone for which we are aiming. Step 4: Propose an Ironic Solution Come up with a solution to the problem that seems counterintuitive and ridiculous because it actually adds to the problem you are addressing in your piece. For Example:â€Å"If students are late, they must stand outside the door for 20 minutes.† This solution doesn’t solve the problem at all. Ironically, it actually adds to the problem because it keeps students out of class even longer, thus keeping them from learning. Step 5: Use Wit (Wordplay, Clever Language, or Rhetorical Analogy) Include as many puns and clever wordplays as you can to help develop a satirical tone and illustrate your point. For Example:Punishment will be doled out in a timely manner. (Word play) This problem is a ticking time bomb! (Rhetorical analogy) These examples of wit add to the author’s creditability as a satirist. Step 6: Choose a Clever Title for your Satirical Piece Consider the broad satirical ideas in your text, and brainstorm appropriate titles for your piece. With your group, choose the title you feel best captures the essence (topic, tone, etc.) of your satire. The more clever and amusing your title, the better! For Example:â€Å"Tardiness: Are we too late or just in time to fix this  complex problem?† This title introduces the topic of the satiric piece while simultaneously suggesting that the piece will be a satire with its clever wordplay. Step 7: Draft, Edit, and Revise your Satirical Piece Work together to draft your piece, keeping in mind the conventions you identified in step two. After completing a rough draft, collectively revise it to clarify ideas, refine structure, and enhance coherence. With your group, complete a SOAPSTone analysis of your piece to gauge your effectiveness at constructing a satirical piece. Revise your piece based on the feedback generated by your SOAPSTone analysis. Use all available resources to correct errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling and edit accordingly to prepare a technically sound document. Step 8: Finalize and Format the Final Draft of your Satirical Piece Type your final draft in MLA format. Make sure that your final draft is a minimum of one and one half pages, is free of grammatical errors, and properly adheres to MLA guidelines. Step 9: Present and Submit the Final Draft of your Satirical Piece Be prepared to share your satirical piece with the class on Friday, November 11th. After presenting your satire, you will submit one copy per group. In addition to your final draft, submit your group’s evidence of prewriting and SOAPSTone analysis. The final draft of your satirical piece will be worth one test grade and will go on the 3rd six-weeks. Your group’s prewriting and SOAPSTone analysis will each be worth one classwork grade on the 3rd six-weeks.

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NAMPEYO - Hopi Potter :: Essays Papers

NAMPEYO - Hopi Potter Nampeyo, the best potter of her time, helped revitalize the original form of Hopi pottery, Sikyatki. She developed her style from the traditional bowls, pots, jars, and water carriers of the Tewa and Walpi people, which were the tribes of her parents. Although, Hopi pottery had survived through many generations, it was beginning to disappear during Nampeyo's youth. Nampeyo was credited for bringing the dying form of Sikyatki pottery back to life. She helped rekindle the interest of Hopi pottery into the lives of the consumer and her contemporaries. At the time of Nampeyo's birth, Hopi pottery was indebted to the styles and designs of the Zuni people. The exact year or date of Nampeyo's birth is unknown, but thought to be between 1856 and 1860. In Hopi custom, the father's mother, grandmother names the baby. So, Nampeyo was originally named Tcu-mana or Snake Girl, but the Tewa people call her Nampeyo, which she is known as today. Nampeyo and Tcu-mana are identical in meaning. She had three brothers leaving her the only girl in her family. One of Nampeyo's brothers, Tom Polocca, would later play an influential role in helping her become discovered as an expert Hopi potter. It is unclear how and from who Nampeyo first learned the art of pottery. Two books on Nampeyo's pottery, Kramer's book Nampeyo and her pottery and Collins' book Nampeyo, Hopi Potter, had different beliefs on who introduced Nampeyo to pottery making. Collins' book says that Nampeyo learned the art of pottery from her grandmother. It goes on to say that when Nampeyo was younger she often went with her father to her grandmother's house where she sat and watched her make pottery until she was old enough to try it on her own. This would not be unlikely because the father still was a big part of his original family and village and visited there often, since he now lives with his wife's family. In Kramer's book, it is said that Nampeyo spent much time with her mother, from whom she learned the art of pottery making. At this time the Tewa people were the best known potters of the Hopi area. During her younger years she was only allowed to watch, but as she grew older her mother be gan letting her make pots on her own.

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The Chemical Engineering

By the 2020s, the world is in our hands and the world population will be more than 10 billion. How can we ensure that the growing demands of this population and our environmental issues will keep intact for the next decade and century? I have always had questions about how to convert raw materials into usable products such as plastics. This spark ignited my passion for chemical engineering. This area of study combines math and science together and pushes the frontier of science and technology forward. Since Chemical Engineering is one of the most fundamental factors that underpin how the world works by understanding the key chemical processes of nature. The problem solving aspect of Engineering particularly attracts me. Seeing the transfer of scientific theory to world industry is something not only appealing, but intellectually stimulating. Throughout high school, I have maintained a GPA of 3.5 and above. Academically, I have always strived to diversify and take classes from a variety of fields. I earned an award for excellence in 3D CAD designing models. On the same note, I've recognized the value of new experiences as a form of learning in itself and as a result, I have participated in many community service trips. Some of the more memorable ones were beach cleaning and reforestation, which provided a hands-on experience to view how the world is changing. Moreover, I participated in an internship at Somdej Prapinklao Hospital, during which I was exposed to the intricacies of the medical professional field. I have also demonstrated leadership by managing the prom committee and leading the team in planning and organizing the event. I've been active in my student council and have served as the head of event management. In my spare time, I also use CAD to create a model plan for my friends in Robotics class and it actually worked! All these activities have improved my leadership and interpersonal skills, which have improved my personal qualities. Along the way, I have realized the importance of teamwork for the road to success and the importance of giving back to the society that nurtured me. Personally, I really enjoy studying new technologies, because I believe inventions improve the world and their diversity of use will become even more important in the future. Also, my commitment has shown that my knowledge in diverse fields will be further improved by pursuing the field of Chemical Engineering. Being a very dynamic and open-minded person, I see and have an interest in a wide variety of activities and disciplines. I can't be more assured of myself to say that Chemical Engineering is my thing! I'm attracted by the world of innovation in which new materials are being developed all the time. Especially, my curiosity also motivated me to look forward and beyond. For instance, I always believe that â€Å"Education is the key,† therefore, I want to attain the highest level of education in Chemical Engineering and I actually found the gateway to the beautiful garden of Chemical at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.

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Social Change and Modernization - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 1 Words: 269 Downloads: 1 Date added: 2017/09/22 Category Advertising Essay Type Argumentative essay Did you like this example? Social Change and Modernization Define social change. Social change is the alteration of mechanisms within the social structure that is characterized by changes in social organizations, rules of behavior, value systems, and cultural beliefs. What are the key features of social change? Social change results in a change in behaviors and attitudes and a change in the whole system of the society. A new system of social change does not mean it is going to be better than the old system. Social change needs a convergence of social forces to make a new system necessary and agreed upon. Provide four examples of social movements, current or past, and describe the key features of each movement. The anti war movement features politics, media, and peace. The environmental movement wants everyone to help protect the natural environment. Alcoholics anonymous is a group that seeks radical change to achieve sobriety. Spiritual movements seek change in Christian men to become more family or iented and more spiritual. Define modernization. The social change caused by industrialization and evolution. What are the key features of modernization? The decline of small traditional communities and an increase in social diversity are a couple features of modernization. Provide four examples of modernization and describe the key features in each example. One example is a black and white TV to a color TV that is better to look at. Another example is paper mail to email because it is much faster. Animal and human energy to industrial energy is also an example. There was a big change from a small government to a large government with state decisions in society. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Social Change and Modernization" essay for you Create order

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Review Of The Of The Castle Corridor - 1833 Words

Worn out from spending ages getting Gawain settled into his bedchamber, Perceval lumbered down the castle corridor and made it to his door. Carefully, he entered his quarters and took a quick glance around the room; it was empty. His wife and their baby might be visiting with Carina, or Joan might have taken Percy along on a patient visit. Joan was an apprentice to Pawl, the Court Healer, and she had just started seeing a few patients again here and there eight weeks after Percy’s birth. Perceval would never stand in the way of his wife’s ambition to be a healer, but he worried about her returning to her duties so soon after having the baby, even with an abbreviated schedule. She did not have to work, as Perceval had amassed a†¦show more content†¦But finally, one night, he summoned the courage to ask her for a walk. He still winced when he recalled how they accidentally butted heads, but somehow, through all the trails they’d faced, they were married, desperately in love, and had their little son, Percy. It seemed hard to believe any man had a right to be so blessed. Relaxed, Perceval’s thoughts drifted to the last time he and Joan had sex, which had been right before Percy’s birth. Other knights complained to him sex with a pregnant spouse was awkward and some did not care for it, and went so far as to visit the bawdy house instead, but Perceval thought they were all mad. Pregnant, Joan had been more gorgeous than ever, with her breasts full and that beautifully rounded belly carrying the baby he’d put there. There was something so alluring and sexy about it that was hard to define. Now, she lamented she looked like a â€Å"deflated pig’s bladder† after birth, but Perceval declared that was madness. There was a slight softness to her lower belly, but she had carried his child and given birth; he saw that as beautiful and a badge of honor, though she disagreed. Though he did chuckle with her about how her breasts had grown to twice their normal size since she was nursing. She told him to enjoy them while he could, because they would not always be liked this His Joan was a gorgeous woman with long, dark locksShow MoreRelatedJane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte1203 Words   |  5 PagesBronte. The strong description of horror, abuse, and gruesomeness in Gothic novels reveals truths to readers through realistic fear. The main characteristics of Gothic literature include: being set in medieval times, dream-states, setting of dark castles and chambers, doubling, and mysterious appearances and disappearances. All of these elements play a major role in the novel Jane Eyre. At Gateshead Hall, where Jane Eyre lives in the beginning of the novel with her cruel Aunt Reed and cousins,Read MoreJane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte1186 Words   |  5 PagesBronte. The strong description of horror, abuse, and gruesomeness in Gothic novels reveals truths to readers through realistic fear. The main characteristics of Gothic literature include: being set in medieval times, dream-states, setting of dark castles and chambers, doubling, and mysterious appearances and disappearances. All of these elements play a major role in the novel Jane Eyre. At Gateshead Hall, where she lives in the beginning of the novel with her cruel Aunt Reed and cousins, youngRead MoreThe New Castle Town Council1871 Words   |  8 PagesIn 2008 the New Castle Town Council appointed an eleven-member Steering Committee made up of local residents, business interests, and members of the Planning Commission and Town Council to guide a new vision for the long-term growth and development of the community. This effort was in response to pending growth pressures, for which the community was not fully prepared. After some months and considerable community input, the Planning Commission recommended and the Town Council adopted the Town ofRead MoreEssay Horror Films: The Haunted Castle by George Melies1616 Words   |  7 Pages Since the release of George Melies’s The Haunted Castle in 1896, over 90,000 horror films have been made. However, none have been more frightening and influential than that of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining and Steven Spielberg’s Jaws. Each a product of horror’s 1970’s and 80’s golden era, the films have a reputation of engulfing viewers in fear, without the use of masked killers, vampires, or other clichà ©s. Instead, Kubrick and Spielberg take a different approach and scare audiences on a psychologicalRead MorePolands History and the Poland of Today Essay1742 Words   |  7 Pagesminister proposes, the president appoints, and the Sejm approves the Council of Ministers. Poland’s legal law system is the civil law system, but it changes, gradually being introduced as part of broader democratization process; limited judicial review of legislative acts, but rulings of the Constitutional Tribunal are final. Poland’s conventional long form is Republic of Poland, local long form is Rzeczpospolita Polska, and local short form is Polska. Poland’s religion population is 89.8% RomanRead MoreBook Review of Novel-the Canterville Ghost2684 Words   |  11 PagesBook Review of THE CANTERVILLE GHOST * About the Author Oscar Wilde was an  Irish writer and  poet. After writing in different forms throughout the 1880s, he became one of Londons most popular playwrights in the early 1890s. Today he is remembered for his  epigrams  and plays, and the circumstances of his imprisonment which was followed by his early death. Wildes parents were successful  Anglo-Irish  Dublin intellectuals. Their son became fluent in French and German early in life. At universityRead More`The Italian Retreat from Modern Architecture: Gio Ponti, Neoliberty and others3151 Words   |  13 PagesItalian architects that were trying to be edictal in the way they developed architecture, just interested in themselves Guido Canella, a page from the article on the Amsterdam School Reyner Banham, conclusion of his article in The Architectural Review Ernesto Nathan Rogers, ‘Continuita o crisi? (Continuity of crisis?), Casabella, no. 215, April-May 1957 early 20th century example of modern architecture, not an white clean architecture of machine Banham is English, cannot understand how ItaliansRead MoreA Dialogue of Self and Soul11424 Words   |  46 Pagesemblematic quarter of Thornï ¬ eld. Here, amid the furniture of the past, down a narrow passage with ‘two rows of small black doors, all shut, like a corridor in some Bluebeard’s castle’ (ch. 11), Jane ï ¬ rst hears the ‘distinct formal mirthless laugh’ of mad Bertha, Rochester’s secret wife and in a sense her own secret self. And just above this sinister corridor, leaning against the picturesque battlements and looking out over the world like Bluebeard’s bride’s sister Anne, Jane is to long again for freedomRead MoreEffect of Internal Controls on Financial Performance11978 Words   |  48 Pagesas far as other communities in Ghana are concern. 1.7 Organization of the Study Chapter 1 deals with the background of the study, the problem statement, objectives of the study, justification of the study and organization of the study. Chapter 2 reviews both theoretical and empirical literatures on SMEs in general, in Ghana among others. Chapter 3 introduces the study area and describes the methodologies used to analyze the problems stated. It includes the methods used for data collection, and procedureRead MoreProvincial Jail10855 Words   |  44 Pages1.3.1 Problem Statement 7 1.4 Goals and Objectives 8 1.4.1 Project Goal 8 1.5 Objectives 8 1.6 Significance of the Study 8 1.6.1 Social 8 1.6.2 Architectural 8 1.7 Prison Environment 9 1.8 Scope and Limitation 9 1.9 Conceptual Framework 10 2 REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE 11 2.1 Literature Related to Prison System 11 2.1.1 Philippine Prison System:   Bureau of Jail Management and Penology 11 2.2 Literature Related to Security 13 2.2.1 Crime Prevention through Environmental Design 13 2.3 Literature